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The Fibonacci Strategy

The Fibonacci Strategy is usually used when placing even money bets in the casino. It is commonly used by roulette players on the outside bets, such as red or black, or odd or even bets, baccarat, or for even money wagers in sports betting.

This system utilizes the Fibonacci sequence, but ignores the zero at the start. You should therefore either try to memorize the sequence or have it written down somewhere.

Before you can put the system into practice you need to decide how much you are going to bet each occurrence. This can be any amount you choose, but I recommend keeping it small relative to the total amount you have to gamble with. About 2% is a good guideline, and I strongly advise going no higher 5%.

You then have to follow three rules regarding your staking.

  1.  Bet 1 Unit

Your first wager in each cycle should always be one unit. This is because; one is the first number in the Fibonacci sequence.

  1. Up to the next level after a lose

This rule applies after every loss. You always move to the next number in the sequence, so you’re always increasing the bet following a losing hand.

  1.  Move Down the Sequence After a Win

Following a winning wager, you should move down two numbers in the sequence. So if you won after betting 16 units, for example, you’d bet just 14 units on the next wager.

1 2 3 4  5   6 7  8 

2 4 7 9 11 15  16

This rule applies after every win, with the following two exceptions.

  • If you haven’t moved up at least two numbers in the sequence before winning, then you simply start at the beginning again.

  • You start at the beginning of the sequence if at any point you are in profit for a cycle.

The second exception in rule three is one of the things that makes this system a little more complicated than others. You have to keep track of how much you are winning or losing during every cycle of the system, so that you know when to finish and go back to the start. This is easy enough when you’re playing online, as you can keep track with a pen and paper or use a spreadsheet. It’s a bit harder when playing in a live casino though, so you need to stay focused.

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