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Jimbo, I've been using your cheat sheet , doing very well! played 10 shoes lost 1 made a profit thanks R.B.

Question and Answers:

1. Can you win by just flat betting? yes you can win but not every shoe. Winning is a product of your money management skills and risk/rewards tolerance.

2.  Which cheat sheet is the best to buy? This will depend on your skill level and the bets you place.

PCS Card is for the experienced players who have a strategy but wants to improve the bet Selection for Repeaters, Ties, Pairs and Player/Banker. Best used at land casinos

SCS Card is for the player who is looking for a concept that shows them what to bet, when not to bet and the amount. Best used at land casinos

FPCS Card is for the players who just want direction for bet selection, doesn't have a strategy and wants to use the conservative D'Alembert betting strategy with a CheatSheet Bet Selection. Best used for online casinos.

3.  Does it take long to learn the concepts? No, like anything else you will get out of it what you put into it

4. Which CheatSheet has the highest winning rate? CheatSheets in general win 6-8 shoes out of 10, go to live shoes played.

5. What do I get for my money? You will receive Video & Written Instruction, PDF CheatSheet that can be printed and used over and over, plus an XL spreadsheet to use online, Phone & Email Support, XL Simulator to practice and perfect your game.



Don't Guess Any More!
Over 16 years of research reveal the bet selection for hands 1-48 for
Banker/Player, Ties, Post Ties, Pairs and Repeaters

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