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When you flip a coin...
... you’ll find that heads come up about 50% and tails come up about 50%.But, if you flip a coin long enough, you will come across Repeaters: heads or tails will turn up several times in a row.
Although the number of times one side will come up in the long run is 50%,it will not always come up in even intervals (heads, tails, heads, tails, etc).Repeaters are phenomena that occur in almost every aspect of our lives, yet they remain mostly unexplained.When you play a perfect basic strategy, it’s almost like flipping a coin. You and the dealer take turns winning and losing hands against each other. But sooner or later you will win several hands in a row. Repeaters happen in Baccarat over and over as well.

After documenting 900 live baccarat shoes I discovered the hands that have the highest frequency for Players and Bankers to repeat 3,4 & 5 times in a row.  Now don't misunderstand me, these repeaters don't happen 100% of the time. But frequently enough to make note of them when playing baccarat.

There is a SECRET to knowing when Repeaters are going to start and for how long.   
16 years of research, 900 shoes, and 43,000 hands reveal the SECRET of where and when repeaters are likely to appear in any shoe.


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