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I started documenting Baccarat shoe some 16 years ago with the hopes of getting an edge on the casino. Not an easy task and every harder when it comes to the game.

But, after hundreds of shoe I started to see some things that might give me an edge.

So, I took the popular Martingale strategy and modified it and called it the Core Strategy.  What I discovered from my documentation was Repeaters 1,2,3 had a 57% chance of happening, but if it went to 4 in a row the percentage dropped to 25% and if to 5 & 6 in a row the percentage dropped to 18%

Using that information I was able to increase my win ratio to 6-7 shoes out of 10. I started to think I was on to something.

So, you can see the BCS Card is like a caddie is to a golfer. It is there to assist you with your Bet Selection.

  • You don’t have to play every hand in the shoe

  • Pick the hand that have the highest frequency

  • Hands 4,5,9,10 and other have a high frequency of being Banker.

  • Hands  1,15,& 38 and other have a high frequency of being Player.

  • High accuracy of Ties happen in hands 6,12,13,16,26 & 32.

  • Pairs appear in hands 6,17,22,45 & 46 with a high frequency.

  • Don’t play the entire shoe it only take an hour to win or lose that’s about 48 hands, use hand 26 as your stop loss

  • The amount that you’re willing to lose shouldn’t be more than a ¼ of you entire bankroll

  •  If you don’t have a strategy get one. Of course they will not win every time.


​So there you have it. A BCS Card will show you the Bet Selections, you will have to put it to work for you. And it will.

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