Tie Beadboard.jpg

Go to any legitimate gambling resource and they will tell you Ties and Pairs are sucker bets. They're Right, if you simply guess and play.

However, I have found out if you have a resource that has documented over 43,000 baccarat live hand you just might have an edge over the casino and the average Joe.

The Tie Table identifies the hands with the highest frequency of ties. In addition to that it identifies 14 hands that have a higher frequency of a Tie if one or two of the 14 hands has a tie.

In a shoe of 48 hands you can expect to see 3-5 ties and at least one or two will be one of those 14 tie hand on the Tie Table.

To capitalize on Ties you must do a progression.

Start with 1 unit and increase by 1 unit until you get a hit or reach hand 26. Then increase you bet by two units.

At 8-1 odds you'll make back your losses and make money as well.