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Understanding Risk, Reward and Bet Selection​

When individuals set out to initiate their gambling endeavor they have three aspects of gambling they have to hone-in on. Having fun isn't one of them. The first is risk, which is the easiest to figure out. Most new gambles quickly grasp this concept.

How to Calculate Risk/Reward 

Measuring the risk in a game is simply a measure of the amount of money in your bankroll and the amount of money you are willing to lose. ​

A simple example would be in a $2,000 bankroll. 

In this particular example, every $25 bet is worth $50 if you win ($25 bet +$25 win).   ​

If a player intends to play 48 hands of Baccarat with the intent not to lose more than $250-$500, the risk is .125 to .25% of their bankroll on that particular shoe.

This will vary from Player to Player. The higher the risk the greater the reward.

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