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You Can Do This Too if you know Bet Selection

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

I am not suggesting I have a Silver Bullet for winning every Baccarat shoe.

What I am doing is showing the results I have gotten since Dec 2019 playing 10 shoes a month through August of 2020. 70 live brick & mortar casinos shoes and 10 shoes back test against my 800 plus live shoes.

Will you get the same results?

It’s up to you, you may choose to do online and they shuffle and cut the deck differently the brick & mortar. You may have a hunch that the next hand will be different that what the CheatSheet calls for. You may give up after 3 shoe of losses in a row.

You may not have the discipline to follow the CheatSheet for 10 shoes.

All good reason. Believe I had them too.

But, because this was a new concept and a test I felt it was my responsibility to follow what the shoe called for so I could give you honest results. I have 20 more shoes to play to reach a100 shoes. But, so far so go!

The concept is the Simple Betting CheatSheet. I have collected and documented Baccarat Shoes outcomes for over 15 years for Ties, Repeaters, Pairs and Player & Bankers.

My goal was to get an edge over the Casino and with a CheatSheet combined with Money Management, Risk Tolerance, and Bet Selection. I believe I have a winning concept.

But, it turned out that was not enough.

Players continued to ask for a easy strategy they could follow. Many thought the CheatSheet was to complicated. So, I went ahead and started testing a new concept using the basics from the CheatSheet that would tell the player what hand to bet, what hand not to bet, how much to bet and when to stop. All designed to minimize their losses and make a profit long term.

You can see the results here;

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