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It took me over 15 years to figure it out

Updated: May 10, 2021

I never gamble in my life until I hit 40 and went to play slots on a gambling ship out of Fort Lauderdale with some friends. Well it took just 15 minutes for me to lose my $20 bucks and then I had 4 hours to kill. I wandered around the casino with nothing to do. But then I found craps

By the time it was time to get off the ship I was hooked. When I got home I immediately went online and ordered John Scarn's book "A Complete Guide to Gambling". Became so obsessed with Crap, I went out on that ship every week. Each week I watched other players and duplicated what the successful were doing. Before I knew I built a portable craps table and would take to friends homes on the weekends and play a game of craps.

It took a long time and my wife and I were flying to the Bahamas for the weekends for me to play craps and her to get pampered at the Spa. I was having fun and making money, she was getting pampered and I was very happy.

Finally she said to me one day do we have to go every weekend? I was dumbfounded. The casino was paying for the airfare, the limo, the suites, the meals and I was making money.

But, by that time I was already married for 20 years and h

ad quickly learned a happy wife, happy life. So with that my craps playing was quickly coming to a halt. I needed to come up with an alternative.

Living in South Florida the Indians were starting to open table games so off I went to see if they had craps. Nope! So, just like my first trip on the casino ship I started to wander around looking at the games. I knew I wasn't interested in slots and blackjack seems to have too many variables based on the number of players and their skill level. Again, I found a table that seemed interesting and it had a score card. Wow what could be better than that. So, I took the complementary card explaining the game and went home. Well I studied and practiced and made a number of trips to the Hard Rock in Hollywood Fl. Everything I read said it was a guessing game and your odds were 50/50. And for the most part they were right, except like craps I was seeing things recur over and over again. So, with my score card I started to document all the shoes I played and continued to do that for over 900 shoes. I was right, there was something more to this game then just guessing.

That is how the CheatSheets came to being. I would be the first to admit they are not 100% accurate all the time, but really what is. I look at the CheatSheet as my gambling partner that gives me some insight as to what bet selections I can make when I start playing baccarat The rest is left up to me to practice good money management and know my risk/rewards tolerance. Visit to see some shoes played.

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