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Did You Ever...

Did you Ever?

Boy, I have heard that phrase growing up, but it never applied to gambling.

But let m ask you “Did You Ever” see so many how to make it big playing baccarat video? There is about 200 on you tube and probably more on the internet overall.

Now, don’t get me wrong, but after everything is said and done doesn’t it boil down to some honest basics?

1. Strategy: Yep, we all need on or at least we come up with our own good or bad.

2. Money management: Oh, that for CPA’s right? Well, after 30 or more years of gambling play craps and baccarat, I think it is for anyone who gambles regardless of their game. Know what you’re starting out with, know what you expect to win, know when to quit. I know easier said than done. But it is true.

3. You know that strategy, it must be more than guessing. Now poker is a head game. But great poker players will take the time to analysis their game each time. Kind of like a pro football player. If you don’t where you have been you won’t know where to go.

I am not suggesting I know everything or will I ever. But I do know that after I decided to start documenting each and every baccarat hand l played (0ver 43,000) I got better at my game. You might try to do the same.

Merry Christmas to all and to all WIN!

Did You Ever....

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