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Connecting the dots in Repeaters

900 DOCUMENTED BACCARAT SHOES, you may recall I documented 43,000 live baccarat hands over several years.

REPEATER was something I documented, here somethings I discovered.

If hand 1 starts with banker, it may repeat up to 5 times. Player just 3 times

Hand 8 banker or Player 3 times,

Hand 4 Banker can repeat times

Hand 32, player 3-4 times Banker just 3 times.

So how do I suggest you bet this concept?

I am not suggesting this is a strategy, although if you wanted to turn it into one the Repeater Table is on the website.

I’m suggesting it can be used as an adjunct to the strategy you are currently using.

What I do is if it calls for 3 or more in a row, I wait to see what the next hand is and if it is the same as the previous one, I’ll double my bet-on hand 3. If I bet hand 4, I go back to one unit. For me I use it in combination with the Bet selection suggesting’s on the ProCheatsheet.

You can find it at

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