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Baccarat Experts & Bet Selection

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

There Are 100’s of Systems by So called Experts to Choose from

Take Your Pick

· How To Play Baccarat & Make $2,000+ Per Day. NEW!

· Baccarat NO MIRR0R Strategy - Over 80% win rate???

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Strategies and Systems are Pervasive on the Internet

They All Promise

  • Making you Money

  • Sell you a decade old systems for lots of money

  • And if it doesn’t work it’s your fault

  • Offer little or no support

There Are Gambling Experts, I am not one of them. I am a player just like you who wanted to beat the casino. Now we all know that can’t be done, but we can get an edge on the casino.

Experts you might what to check out; Shackleford ,Grosjean,Thorp They have a lot of experience in systems and card counting. That’s Not What I Offer

So What Works and What Doesn’t Work?

Tracking the Shoe; Looking at the Bead Board and looking for patterns may not the best selection long term You Might what to check out, what happens for each hand over an extended period of time? And develop criteria, like a specific number of hands and record them for each shoe. I did and came up with some great results.

Betting Streaks are an illusion;I know because I have tracked over 800 shoes hand by hand streak by streak and have not come up with the silver bullet for Streaks Don’t get me wrong, there are streaks, but I could not come up with enough consistency to make it worthwhile. I suggest go to Google search “illusory patterns perception”for additional insight to this pheromone

Follow the Winner; We are all guilty of this, and it can work for a short period of time, The problem is most of us won’t play for a short period of time. We keep chasing the carrot. Don’t get me wrong, there are great player and many are successful. If you found one best of luck to you!

Luck & Superstition; There are no Lucky numbers. No Lucky days. No Lucky charms.

Progression Systems; The casino has an edge over the player. It is designed that way.

Money Management; Does it help? Yes and no. It alone will not lead to your success. It has to be combined with bet selection a risk management.

So What are you suggesting Jimbo?

It’s true I am not an expert. As I said before, I am just like you the only difference is I have done 15 plus years of research. I have taken the time to record over 800 Brick & Mortar Casino shoes to find out for myself if I could get an edge on the game of Baccarat. I did and found it to be profitable. Originally I made the raw material available for free and players didn’t understand it. They wanted a Strategy Everyone keep asking for a systems and I keep saying it’s a concept. It fell on deft ears. So I created a few variations on the original concept, simplified it and put a minimal price tag on them. About the size of one small bet.

Let me tell you about myself

I am a player just like you. I started playing crap years ago and had my success and failures. The most I every won was $60,000. The most I ever lost was $10,000, not all it one day, it was two.

In hind sight I can say during my days of playing craps I was a compulsive gambler. I’d get on a semi private plan at 10 am and fly to Atlantis and play for an hour or two and fly back to Ft. Lauderdale. I would do this 2-3 times a week. So you can agree that is a compulsive attitude. I moved to the west coast of Florida and my access to casinos wasn’t as good and my wife came down with cancer, limiting my ability to travel.

But then the Indians opened up Casinos. O’yea, I was ready for that. But there was no craps and still isn’t to this day.

So Baccarat became my game of choice. The only problem was I was not wining like I did playing craps.

So a methodical approach was created to document 48 hands in a shoe. Why 48? Well a typical baccarat card has 48 spaces, so why not use that number, second, if you going to track something you have to have consistency. 48 hands became the constant.

So I started documenting every shoe I played onto a spreadsheet and learning the odd of the game. (see example

I had to have something that was consistent and reliable so I only documented hands 1-48, Ties, Post Ties, Pairs, Players & Bankers. After my 1st 100 shoes I started to notice things. Tie would regularly appear on regular times in one hand then others. The 3 hands after a Tie would be different then if there wasn’t a tie. And of course Players & Bankers would regularly appear in specific hands

At the same time I was working on my CheatSheet for Baccarat I was working on learning Options for stocks. It helped with my discipline challenges and record keeping. By the time I reached my 800 shoe I decided to put it on YouTube. I came up with the perfect bet selection CheatSheet.

Well as you can see by the EXAMPLE, most players didn’t understand it. Everyone kept asking for a strategy and I kept saying it is a concept. Now don’t get me wrong there are players that took the time to lean it and use it successfully.

But I knew I would have to simply the concept. So I did and came up with 3 CheatSheets

ProCheatSheet is for the experienced player who have a strategy but wants to improve the bet Selection for Ties,Pairs and Player/Banker

Simple Betting CheatSheet is for the player who is looking for a concept that shows them what to bet, when not to bet and the amount

FoolProof CheatSheet is for the players who just wants direction for bet selection doesn't have a strategy and wants to use the conservative D'Alembert betting strategy in combination with a cheatsheet

Get one and start improving your winning average

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