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Are Ties Meaningless not if you know bet selection

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

When I started playing Baccarat years ago, for the life of me I could not win. Now, being a Craps player for year I knew when a certain number was thrown there was a very good chance of another number following it 70% of the time.

So not having any luck at what appeared to be an easy game to play (baccarat) and win. I started recording every hand and shoe I played. The first thing I noticed was after a Tie. something would happen on a regular basis so over time I created what I call a Post Tie table. It showed the best Bet Selections for the 3 hand after a tie. Weird huh? The dealers thought so too.

But then while recording Ties I discovered there was one hand that would have a Tie 4 out of 10 times. Now on the surface that does not sound great until, you say a tie pays 8 to 1. If I lose 6 of those 10 hands I lost $60. Wining 4 of those 10 hands I make $240 -$60-$180 net profit. Depending on your bet level your profit can even be higher. If you get the Pro CheatSheet you discover more gems like this.

Go to Here is a quick example of what I am talking about. The bead board at the top shows the 44 hands that were played and hand 17 is a Tie. The Post Tie table at the bottom shows the suggested Bet Selection; in this case it’s a banker, player, player. Then hands 28 and 29 are both Ties so no bets are made. The next Tie is hand 41 again the Post Table call for Banker Player, Player. In this example $500 was the bet there were 6 bet 4 were winners a total of $1,950.

I’m not suggesting that you run out and start making these bets now. They’re just examples of what you can do when you have Bet Selection guidance and what I do to supplement my normal play,

There is a live video from Wizard of Odds for this example.

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