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$2,000 bankroll $62,000 Profit

Yep that is what I started with and after playing just 10 shoes a month I finish 10

month later. I averaged $5,166 a month.

How did I do it? Did I use the Martingale or maybe the D’Alanber, or was it just flat betting and a lot of luck. Nope I just used a simple concept called Bet Selection. I know it sounds easy and if you have a resource that will give you that kind of information it is.

It just so happens I have a source that does just that. As I mentioned before I started testing a concept I call the Simple Betting CheatSheet to see if it had any merit.

I’ve been playing 10 shoes each month since Dec 2019 and only betting the Bet Selections it calls for, and not betting when it says not to bet. (it’s called Bet Selection) I have fine tuned it as I’ve progressed and only bet the high frequency hands.

At the end of 10 month and only playing in live brick and mortar casinos including Hard Rock, Atlantis, and Beau Ravage.

I am not suggesting I haven’t used the strategies I mentioned earlier, the problem with them they are based on not succeeding in bet selection, rather on trial and error. If the 1st hand doesn’t win raise your bet and bet again. Yes you can make money if you bank roll is large enough but when things go bad they really go bad.

I created the Simple Betting CheatSheet to achieve a number of things.

1. Have a predetermined bet level

2. Not to bet every hand

3. Bet only the high frequency hands for Player and Bankers

4. To have a bet selection after a Tie (Post Tie Table)

5. A predetermined stop loss point

6. Track your Bankroll/risk amount

7. Know your bet level in reference to your bankroll

8. How to judge your success

9. Have a walk away strategy

10. Be comfortable with your betting decisions.

You might say to yourself that is easy to do. It may not be as easy as you think. But hey it works, I proved it by playing a 100 baccarat shoes in brink & mortar casinos in multiply location and ending up with $62,000 plus.

Go to and try it for yourself.

Blue numbers are my winnings

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