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Simple Betting  is a strategy that relies on 15 year and over 3,000 shoes of research both computer generated and live casino shoes I have personally played. Bottomline it works and doesn't require and studying. Just do what the CheatSheet tell you to do and you can win 7-8 shoes out 10. Doesen't get any easier the that.


Player/Banker is a collection of 48 hands, over 10 years. Why 48 you ask, it simple, I needed consistency and continuity, a full shoe does not provide that. Also, I have found that over 20 years, it only takes an hour to win or loss and 48 hands comes out to an hour of play give or take a few hands. This shows the probability of Player/Banker for each hand

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Pro CheatSheet Show you the high frequency hands for Payers, Banker, tTes, Post Ties, Repeaters, and Pairs all on one card. All the results of over 15 years of research of live casino shoes . Combine it with your favorite strategy and you'll have a winner


Repeaters did you ever say would have should have after a streak has occurred. Ya, we all have. Within the 48 hands of a shoe, I have identified the number of times this is most likely to happen, Does it work every time.No! But it's better than Flipping a Coin

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Ties are an interesting challenge, however, there is predictability in them. Again, not an exact science. but if we look at the hands where ties accurate most often and then combine them with recognizable patterns and tie lines, there are repeated winners.


Pairs at 11 to 1 odds this is a very tempting bet, but really is a sucker bet by a stretch of the imagination. However, over the course of more than 10 years, I've managed to come up with some very good probability as to when to expect a pair to appear. Does it work every time, no but it is a very good educated guess?