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Wouldn't it be great
to know  the outcome of next hand? Will it be Banker or Player? 
How about what hand has the highest frequency for a tie or pairs? 

The Baccarat CheatSheet gives the player a visualization of what frequently appears in every hand. It shows the player THE BET SELECTION any Baccarat bettor should be aware of. 

Once you’re you become accustomed to the card you will be able to identify the main trends and begin to learn how to predict what betting method to use on certain shoe trends.  As well as Repeaters Ties, and Pairs. Because many player look to me for a strategy that works with the CheatSheets I tested 5 and they all work. The D'Alembert appears to have the highest success rate. In addition I have created a few straightforward ways of betting with a CheatSheet if you don't have a strategy.


A successful Player will have practiced multiple times with their CheatSheet before ever using real money. Professional Athletes don't just start playing their game of choice without year of repetitive training. Why should you be any different? Having a Money Management Plan and knowing your Risk/Reward tolerance is a must. Making calculated judgments as opposed to not is what distinguishes the professional gambler from the causal bettor. The latter relies upon luck, whereas the former seeks certainty. They have a game plan and stick to it.They know that Bet Selection and managing their loses insure winnings.


With a CheatSheet, you ’ll identify the BEST BET SELECTION for that shoe. You will eliminate the problems most Baccarat players face and will guided to better profit over an average Baccarat player.

The CheatSheet is the result of over 16 years of playing and documenting my personal Casino games with the goal of seeing if in fact there were repetitive patterns I could refer to with confidence while playing Baccarat. The end result is YES!  

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